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Tripods & Ball Heads

Really Right Stuff TVC-24 Versa Series MK2 Carbon Fiber Tripod - https://geni.us/RRS_Versa_MK2_Tripod

Really Right Stuff BH 40 Ball Head - https://geni.us/RRS_BH_40

A solid all-around mid-size tripod. The tripod weighs 3.3 lbs, and has a folded length of 19.1” Is it pricy? Yes. Do I think it is worth it? Also yes. I believe Really Right Stuff tripods are extremely well made, and their customer service is wonderful. This tripod and ball head combination is designed to support lenses up to 400mm. If you shoot with bigger glass, consider the Series 3 Version with the BH-55 ball head listed below. Just keep in mind that the latter combination will be heavier.

Really Right Stuff TVC-24 Versa Series MK3 Carbon Fiber Tripod - https://geni.us/RRS_Versa_MK3_Tripod

Really Right Stuff BH 55 Ball Head - https://geni.us/RRS_BH_55

A more heavy-duty tripod and ball head combination. This tripod is a good setup for photographers that shoot with 400mm or greater focal length lenses.

SIRUI Waterproof Carbon Fiber Tripod ST124 Legs + ST 10X Ball Head - https://geni.us/Sirui_ST124_Tripod

If you are looking for a great travel tripod with a more budget-friendly price tag, this is my pick. This tripod also features water-proof twist leg locks, which is a bonus for landscape, wildlife, and seascape photographers.

Neewer 20” Aluminum Portable Desktop Mini Tripod - https://geni.us/Neewer_Mini_Tripod

This little tripod was a find, and I had to laugh because it literally looks like someone shrunk a larger heavy-duty tripod. It is rather impressive considering it’s humble size and price, as it holds up to 11 lbs. I love this tripod for low-to-the-ground macro work and tabletop work, and I even attach my Westcott FJ 200 strobe or Nisi Macro rail to it on occasion.

Nisi Macro Focusing Rail - https://geni.us/Nisi_Macro_Rail

This is another "nice-to-have" that turned into a must have for macro photography. It has removable legs for table-top usage, but the rail itself can be mounted directly on tripods with arca-swiss ball head clamps, which I think is really slick!

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