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Buy/Sell/Rent Used Photography Gear


KEH - Sell Used Gear - https://geni.us/KEH_Sell

KEH - Buy Used Gear - https://geni.us/KEH_Buy_Used_Gear

I have now sold two camera systems to KEH: first when I upgraded from DSLR to mirrorless, and then when I switched to the Sony mirrorless camera system. Both transactions were entirely stress free. KEH made fair offers, sent free shipping labels, and paid within a few days after they received my gear. They also gave me the option to apply my proceeds to any KEH purchase with an added savings on my purchase, and while I haven’t purchased gear from KEH yet, I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to do so. All used gear purchased through KEH includes a 180-day warranty.

LensRentals.com - https://geni.us/Lens_Rentals

I highly recommend renting cameras and lenses before you buy them, or if you have a shoot coming up where you may need expensive gear that you are not in a position to purchase yet. Also, renting gear is really fun! While I haven’t rented from Lensrentals.com yet, I certainly would, especially now that I know that they have a brick-and-mortar pickup location in Brentwood, Tennessee (hear that fellow Nashville photographers?) And if you love the gear you have rented, Lensrentals.com makes it very easy to purchase it.

BorrowLenses.com - https://geni.us/Borrow_Lenses

I have rented from Borrow lenses, and it was a great experience. The lenses I borrowed were in excellent condition, and the whole rental process was seamless and pleasant. They also included UV filters on all of the lenses I rented, which made me feel much better about using lenses I did not own.

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