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Photography Education

CreativeLive Online Learning - https://geni.us/CreativeLive_Learn

In my opinion, access to CreativeLive courses is a must have if you want to improve your photography. CreativeLive has their own phone app, so I am never without this online learning resource. The best part is that you can learn from the best in the business, all in one place. Courses are reasonably priced if you decide to purchase them individually, or you can purchase an annual Creator Pass (billed annually or monthly), and watch any and all of the courses that you wish. Some of the instructors that I have learned from on CreativeLive include Joel Grimes, Chris Knight, Lisa Carney, Art Wolfe, Lindsay Adler, Brooke Shaden, Kathleen Clemons, Sue Bryce, Mark Wallace, and Don Giannatti. I encourage photographers of any skill level to learn from many different artists, and to keep learning. CreativeLive is an excellent resource to do just this!

PHLEARN Pro - https://geni.us/PHLEARN_Pro

PHLEARN was one of the first resources I used to learn Photoshop, and I can't say enough about their courses. Aaron Nace has a way of explaining things clearly, and in a really fun way. Several free courses available on their website too if you want to check those out before purchasing a pro subscription. But I highly recommend the PHLEARN Pro courses and the presets, actions, and LUTS that come with it.

Greg Benz Photography - https://geni.us/Greg_Benz_Learn

Greg developed the Lumenzia and Web Sharp Pro Photoshop plugins listed on our Software and Computer Peripherals page. He is an incredible photographer, and he has very generously helped me sort through complex Lumenzia/Websharp Pro/Photoshop issues several times. In addition to his Photoshop plugins, Greg offers several online courses, which provide incredible value for money, and his YouTube channel is an indispensable resource. Any product or course that Greg has to offer is highly recommended! The photography community is lucky to have him!

Joel Grimes Online Learning - https://geni.us/Joel_Grimes_Learn

Joel is a true artist and a wonderful teacher as well. He has been a commercial photographer for years, and I still take his online classes. I learn something new every single time! Joel's courses are especially good for photographers who want to up their lighting and creativity game. He has some of the most creative ideas and approaches to photography that I have ever come across, and he explains things in a very practical and easy-to-understand way. Joel has a "Strobing Nature" online course that is especially facinating.

Chris Orwig Online Learning - https://geni.us/Chris_Orwig_Learn

Chris is one of the best outdoor portrait photographers there is, and he is truly an all-around good guy. He is a kind soul and an amazing teacher, and I would have been lost without his Photoshop courses when I was first learning Photoshop! Access to Chris' entire course library is subscription-based and very affordable.

Lindsay Adler Online Learning - https://geni.us/Lindsay_Adler_Learn

If you are interested in high fashion photography, and the lighting wizardry that goes along with this art form, then go - right now! - to Lindsay Adler's website and get started. I don't need to say more, and you'll see why!

Mark Galer Photography - https://geni.us/Mark_Galer_Learn

If you own a Sony Camera, I highly recommend subscribing to Mark's YouTube channel and joining his Patreon Page. Mark explains the ins and outs of Sony cameras, lenses, and features better than anyone I have come across so far, and the information Mark provides in his ebooks allowed me to transition to the Sony Alpha system in a couple of days. "Generous and affordable" is an understatement when it comes to Mark's astoundingly vast Sony educational resources.

Matt Cohen Photo Workshops - https://geni.us/Matt_Cohen_Learn

Matt is a sports/rodeo photographer extraordinaire, but he teaches concepts that can be applied to any genre. He is also the person you want to learn from if you really want to understand how to work with challenging light, and banish the "snapshot-itis" that I still often suffer from!

Nick Page Photography - https://geni.us/Nick_Page_Learn

Michael Shainblum - https://geni.us/M_Shainblum_Learn

John Weatherby - https://geni.us/John_Weatherby_Learn

Albert Dros Photography - https://geni.us/Albert_Dros_Learn

Sean Bagshaw Outdoor Exposure - https://geni.us/Sean_Bagshaw_Learn

Glyn Dewis - https://geni.us/Glyn_Dewis_Learn

I have learned so much from all of these photographers. Their photography is beautiful and inspiring, and they generously share their knowledge through workshops, online courses, and via their YouTube channels.

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