Virtual Coaching for Photographers

Presenting information in a practical and easy-to-learn way is what I do best. I teach by guiding and encouraging students to trust their own unique artistic "nudges." Art is subjective and "rules" are simply a starting place. I focus on the theory and reasoning behind camera settings and post processing techniques, and then suggest creative exercises to help you discover your own artistic voice, or help you shake things up to break out of a creative rut. Growing as an artist is a continuous process, and I too continue to learn and take classes from other photographers that I admire.

If you would like to sign up for virtual coaching, please reach out to me using the form below!

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Learn photography basics or build on and improve your current photography knowledge and skills. Take a deep dive into camera settings in order to make the most of your gear. Banish your fear of studio lighting. Understand the building blocks of color management and image post-processing in order to develop a workflow that works best for your creative vision.

Technology & Gear Selection

Wondering which camera and lenses you should consider purchasing based on your photography style or skill level? Overwhelmed by all the photography gear and software options available? I've been there too, and I'd love to help.

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